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Originally Posted by TXSailor View Post
What did you discover in the bsh occ install? I am having Stett install mine friday with my new oil cooler. I was going to point him to the diy
You can do the install yourself if you'd like to save an hour or more of shop labor... it's pretty easy to do, just takes time and tough hands.

Lessons learned:
  • There is no need to remove the wire harness from the PCV neck/adapter on the intake tract
  • There is no need to remove the PCV neck/adapter on the intake tract at all
  • The square clips are delicate, but only two sides of the clip hold the pipe on. It's the weirdest junction I've ever seen and works best when massaged with a small flathead screwdriver
  • Remove the black clips on both sides of the PCV breather tube-- the "passenger side" on the valve cover and the clip on the PCV neck of the intake tract
  • Once removed, it takes a good bit of force to pull the PCV valve off of the breather tube
  • Position the brass elbow so it's pointing to the passenger side of the car once it's fitted to the PCV valve-- this will help with routing the breather hose to the catch can
  • Don't bother cutting the hose until you've done a couple test fits first, and even then, give yourself 2" of slack to account for the nipples on each end
  • Give yourself enough hose slack to route the connections around and behind the engine cover-- this will make it easier on you should you need to remove the engine cover in the future
  • Pull out the windshield washer filler neck to give you enough room to fit the BSH catch can. You can also just unclip it and push it under the positive battery terminal
  • Use the BSH-supplied lock nut to install the catch can bracket to the shock tower. It's bigger than the stock nut and will allow you to tighten it down using a 7/16" open-end wrench