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Wheel alignement / off centre steering wheel

Hi all,

Well I knocked my wheel alignment out last week, I drove into and over a curb that I didn't see! was in Liverpool city centre turned to go down a side street, and hit this some sort of small island in the road, with no warning beacon on it was really strange anyway I don't know what it's purpose of being there was!

Anyway caused no damage I could but I think it knocked my tracking out, well my steering wheel was off centre from a while ago anyway so thought for £30 I'd get the tracking done and get the wheel centred up properly as it was bugging me!

Well the place I went has some kid of laser alignment machine, and a computer system which the customer can see an you select the make/model of the car and it loads up the correct settings - I know everyone recommends using hunter? systems? But for £30 thought I woulnuse these guys again

Well I asked him to make sure the steering wheel would be straight, he said he had clamped it up inside. Well my wheels where spot on apart from the one that hit the bloody curb, so he adjusted that..

Well anyway car feels normal again now but the steering wheel Is still not straight, slightly turned to the right when driving in a straight line

So just wondering if a slighty wonky steering wheel is normal or could they improve it and get it straight? Currently if I level the steering wheel straight the car wants to go left slightly

Any help? Cheers