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What excercises are you doing now? You said you're looking to get lean?.. which means 2 things.. donig high rep counts without long breaks inbetween ( 30-60seconds MAX ) the continuation of reps will help burn calories.. and 2, which was already mentioned, maybe do 30-60 minutes of cardio afterwards.. be patient too.. you most likely wont see huge results without 60 days of continuous exercise.... and get your protein, sleep, and stay away from TacoBell..

EDIT.. I would say 1g of protien for every pound you weigh is overkill, because your goal is LEAN, yo need to understand protein comes with calories, and you should probably consume less than 2000 calories / day. Assuming you ate 4 meals a day at 400 each ( that's what I do ) and had 100 grams of protein within the 4 meals ( and a post workout shake not counting as a meal ) you would be right under 2000 calories.. just sayin

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