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Originally Posted by slyboogy View Post
I dont think VW is trying to de-rail or stir up dust with BMW , just getting into the driver seat on upcoming material trends. This happens in all marketplaces. BMW cannot expect SGL not to have other customers if SGL truly are the best in what they do ....
That is different and not what BMW are are expecting SGL to do.

BMW agreed to build a factory along with SGL
Then VW, a Major competitor of BMW buys stake in SGL, therefore possibly taking part ownership of the fruits and profits of BMW's joint venture with SGL.

It's a savvy (yet under-hand) way for VW to get a finger in another pie.. though I guess it was SGL's decision to keep the information from BMW, and not VW's responsibility to declare it. I guess in a roundabout way it means VW can share in the sucess of BMW-i, and if marginal decisions came up where VW's share could swing it either way, it could possibly mean VW were able to operate SGL in a way not in the best interests of BMW (depends on how the other shares of SGL are divided up?). If SGL's market value rises once BMW-i goes into full production, the value of the shares go up, and BMW would have to pay more to get VW's shares back.

Not that I'm suggesting massive industrial espionage here, but since it clearly opens up such possibilities there is obviously a conflict of interests on SGLs behalf. Since VW group companies already have Carbon Fibre partners, I can't see any reason why VW would do this unless it was to be a massive pain in behind to BMW.