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Originally Posted by BMWsky View Post
Anyone telling you you're not going to get a ticket because they didn't is giving you horrible advice. Tint on the front of the windshield is illegal. Period. If you don't get cited for it, it's because the officer is choosing not to break your chops. What kills me is when people do something they know is illegal and then complain when they get ticketed. IMHO, if you know it's illegal to get tinting on your front windshield, you pay to's a crapshoot and you may or may not get caught.

That being said, I'm getting my windows tinted to whatever my state laws allow. I'd go darker, buy my own personal choice is to not get hassled. If you don't mind the possibility that you could get ticketed for tinting, go for it.
I'm pretty sure people are already complaining about the tint laws, before the get them/get ticketed. They choose to disobey the law and when they get ticketed, they continue to complain.

It really is a stupid law. If I was able to afford getting tint tickets, I would put tints on my car asap. But I cannot afford to pay multiple tint tickets.

And don't be the guy who asks, "How are you driving a BMW if you can't afford a tint ticket?"

You can search for that answer because I've posted it many times....otherwise you can continue to be bothered by it.