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---Coding Help---

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately a review thread about a member was deleted by the mods for no reason.

Wanted to post my experience with getting my car coded from an enthusiasts like all of us. DIMSUM helped code my car to gain some really good features.

He does not do this as a business but more to help out local members that really want these neat features but aren't comfortable with doing it themselves. It was unfair to have his review thread removed, as reviews make other members comfortable when they are looking to get help from others.

His passion to help fellow members really show when you meet him to get some coding done. He is extremely helpful and even teaches you a bit if you are interested.

The biggest coding he has done for me was to get my car coded to accept oem xenon headlights. Couldn't have done all of it without his help and expertise.

Those that need some help with coding features on their car can contact DIMSUM at *********************