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Originally Posted by clairvoyant View Post
That Bruno's on Merivale will also cost $130. That shop is the same shop Duss Brothers and Otto's "outsource" their alignment jobs.
All alignment machines in Ottawa are the same, John Beam.
The difference here is that you need that special screw to adjust the camber and the caster on BMW and Mercedes.
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The next agenda item is to buy a J2534 Passthru cable to be able to "update/reprogram" the software on all E90. $3289 (a cable, a proprietary laptop, and batery charger to keep staedy voltage during the reprogramming).

I thinking about buying one to cater to all Mercedes, Audi and BMW owners in Ottawa ($139 per reprogram compares to $279 at dealers).

German cars with their German proprietary BS
So I'm in a bit of a pickle...I need an alignment for sure, my steering wheel is off centre.

It is off centre because I accidently oversteered into a curb at very low speed while in Hamilton...go figure. So I don't know the status of my suspension, it seems issues turning...just seems like the alignment is off.

Think I should have the dealer check it out? I am under warranty.