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Originally Posted by Mike@Powerchip View Post
You can code the +302 option to your VO, and that will add DWAI and DWAS to the list. NCS expert reads the vehicle order just like the dealer systems do, and based on that will offer a predetermined set of options.

So if you added it to the VO, you still would never be able to connect to DWAI or DWAS because that requires the actual alarm module to be installed in the rear fender liner, connected to the CAN bus network through the pre- wired factory connector.

I am not sure about this because I haven't looked - but I would suspect that the clown nose blink is going to be somewhere in the NFRM module, or it could be in another one possibly..

You should also be able to control the blinking of the hazards through the idrive even without the alarm on locking/unlocking. The sound choices you could probably code also (there are 4 possible options on that menu), but obviously it wouldn't beep without the module and siren in there. I think the module and the siren are one piece. DWAI is the alarm module and DWAS is the siren part of the alarm system. There are some functions that crossover however.

Hope this helps
Yeah I figured this was the case. I see an option on my main file that has an option for DWS (this was before I added the alarm VO) it is set to not active. I read on another forum that if you set this to active you get the clown blinker. I have never coded the entire car before so I am hesitant to try it. I now others that have had problems when they use the "code car" option. I'll dig around in NFRM a little more to see if anything looks like it would work.