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Originally Posted by m1bjr View Post
The rear toe values are all wrong too.
Bad rear toe on one side like you have will also cause the car to pull or crab slightly.
You will find you are holding a little angle on the steering wheel to compensate for it crabbing.

He should have been centring the wheel, clamping it, and then he would definately need to adjust both sides.
And get the rears done too, that car is probably quite skittish with no rear toe in.

I would get it to BMW, you may need to reset/zero the steering angle sensor after too.
Was this to me or the other guy?

I took my car back yesterday, he got it upon the ramp again and spent a good twenty minutes getting it 'right'

It is better, I think, but I still have to tun the steering wheel slightly to the right to go straight!

Can anyone recommend a place in merseyside / northwest where I could get this done properly? How much would a BMW stealer charge?