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Originally Posted by E90liv View Post
Was this to me or the other guy?

I took my car back yesterday, he got it upon the ramp again and spent a good twenty minutes getting it 'right'

It is better, I think, but I still have to tun the steering wheel slightly to the right to go straight!

Can anyone recommend a place in merseyside / northwest where I could get this done properly? How much would a BMW stealer charge?
They need to adjust the rears FIRST on a RWD car, this sets the 'thrust angle' which should be zero, but if its slightly out then the fronts are set to compensate for it.

They haven't done it right if you still have the symptoms you describe.

Remember left hand camber will cause the car to drift to the left, but the wheel should remain straight. Try it on a good wide flat road like Mway or similar.