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AA tune on e90 330i review

While I was in the Orlando area for meetings, I decided to use some free time and get the car properly tuned. All I have to say is wow.

I went to PSI (Precision Sports Industries) in Winter Park, FL to get this done in house. I stopped by around 5pm on Wednesday and we downloaded my information and sent it to AA. I returned around 12:30pm the next day and 30 minutes later my car was good to go. Big shout out to PSI for excellent customer service, professionalism, and an awesome shop. If you are in their area, there is nowhere else I would recommend to go. Check them out.

Now for the good part:

On the 600 or so mile drive back to NC I had a great chance to get used to the tune. I was use to the PBX and its jerkiness. The AA tune solved every problem I had. The throttle lag is mostly gone (it could use a little more throttle response, in my opinion, but it definitely gets rid of the horrible lag). There is a noticeable difference in power in the low rpm range. the extra torque is very nice from a dead stop. the HP in the upper range is noticeable as well. its is however, not drastically different because it is so smooth. you can feel the difference but its not the kick in the pants you might expect. Simply a very nice and smooth power increase. I will be doing a back roads test later this week and see what its like in real driving, not just highway driving.

the big pluses are increased tq and hp throughout the rev range. its noticeable, but so smooth that its not jerky. the throttle lag is mostly gone. the car does sound a bit different. the engine makes a deeper growl and I think (key word think) the exhaust note is a little different.

let me know if you have any questions. I would not hesitate to get this done. For the price...its the best bang for your buck. $400 aint a bad deal at all for what you get when the pbx is only a little less than that.

Thanks to Viral at Active Autowerkes and PSI for all the help.
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