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Stock vs JB4 Map 5/autotuning & Map 1 at high altitude

**Initial Disclaimer: My car is running 91 octane gas at 5200 ft elevation (the dyno itself is at 6000 ft elevation IIRC). All numbers are fully corrected in order to compare numbers on different days. Because turbocharged vehicles do not lose as much power at elevation as naturally aspirated vehicles, full corrections over-inflate the values of turbo cars. As such, please pay no attention to the inflated peak values, but instead focus on the shape of the curves, and the delta/differences between them. **

So I went to the local dyno today (MAC Autosport in Parker, CO) to make a few pulls. The first two were with the JB4ís map 5/autotuning/autoPID map enabled after driving on it for about a week now. The last pull was with map 4 enabled, which is stock but with CAN active so that I could log it. I compared these runs to runs I had previously made on the same dyno almost a month and a half ago with the JB4ís old firmware version map 1.

So, hereís the breakdown:
Run1: JB4 Map 1 (firmware version 1/1/2011) on 1/29/2011
Run2: JB4 Map 1 (firmware version 1/1/2011) on 1/29/2011
Run3: JB4 Map 5/autotuning (firmware version 2/21/2011) on 3/12/2011
Run4: JB4 Map 5/autotuning (firmware version 2/21/2011) on 3/12/2011
Run5: Stock (Map 4/stock map but with CAN active for tuning) on 3/12/2011

Unfortunately, when logging the first two runs, I didnít save the log files, so I apologize about that, but for reference, I was seeing 5-6 degree timing drops, with timing going negative in the upper RPMís, hence me pulling the JB4 off of the car for over a month. I did however save the logs from todayís runs, which will be listed in order below.

As you can see, timing is not very pretty on any of these runs, not even stock. However, the ~3 degree timing drops stock & via autotuning are not as severe and never go negative like I saw with map 1 on the old firmware. As mentioned above, Iím at 5200-6000 ft elevation on 91 octane, so other than temps (which were in the 50's today, but slightly warmer in the shop, mid 60's IIRC), think of this as just about as harsh of conditions as youíre going to see haha!

So, the dynosÖ. As you can see from the logs, autotuning is barely pushing anymore boost than the DME is trying to target, and as such, is only making about an extra ~17whp over stock. Map 5/autotuning is also losing about ~37whp vs map 1. Map 1 is making good power, about ~54whp over stock, but as you can see thereís a significant drop in boost/torque around ~5700rpm and on the street, it was not as consistent as map 5. However, as you can see from the drastic reduction in power from map 1 to map 5, the DME/JB4 is not very happy with much over stock boost on the factory timing table.

As Terry has mentioned to me before, on the JB3 at high elevation, they generally required a good amount of custom tuning. As you can see, the logs are not the pretty, nor are the curves very smooth. I would say that at my elevation, a good custom tune is in order.

Cobb: Hurry up with the í07 support & ATR software haha. My prediction: Iíll bet on the same dyno with a custom tune I can likely hit around ~360whp & 430wtq (same correction) with cleaner timing logs, richer AFRís and more boost. Thatís just speculation, but I have a strong feeling Iíll be able to prove it shortly If not, Iíll gladly eat my words, but again, Iím pretty confident about my prediction. Weíll see shortly, and yes, of course Iíll be posting dynos and logs with my findings.

Here are all 5 runs together:

Here are the highest runs from Map 1, Map 5/autotuning & stock:

Here is the log from Run 3 (map 5):

Here is the log from Run 4 (map 5):

Here is the log from Run 5 (stock/map 4 for CAN active logging):

Cliff notes: Autotuning + high elevation & 91 octane gas donít make much more power over stock. Timing could use a good amount of work, even from the factory at my location. My faith in custom tuning for a personís specific car & environment over OTS maps is once again reaffirmed.


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