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Forced Induction FTW!
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Originally Posted by sear View Post
Do you have any other supporting mods besides the JB4?
No sir, bone stock. I went a little overboard on a few of my previous cars haha, trying to avoid the temptation on this one haha. I keep reminding myself "this is your daily driver" and "if you want another track car, buy an old Miata, it'll be cheaper to fix when something breaks" haha!!

Originally Posted by forza1976 View Post
You are correct sir... my bad.

I'd still like to see the uncorrected graphs to compare it to my various Mac dynos over the years.
Sure, knock yourself out

Although peak numbers really don't mean much IMO, but as we all know correction factors at high altitude make turbo cars appear to be overly inflated (stated in original post above), but honestly it doesn't really matter, the only thing that matters IMO is the gains over stock and shape of the curve. Dyno's are a tool to help quantify gains, not a machine that spits out magical e-penis numbers haha. With that said, of course everyone knows no two dynos are created equal, and I'm sure most people would say "I think something is broken" if I came back with uncorrected numbers from Revolutions Performance in the Springs haha, their Dyno Dynamics isn't exactly known for spitting out confidence boosting Superman style numbers

In truth, when it comes time to actually tune the car, I probably won't bring it back to MAC though, I'll probably hit up Harvey's Dyno Dynamics (BoostCreep) up in Longmont, as I'm a big fan of load bearing dynos (vs inertial) for anything other than WOT tuning, but will likely strap the car back down on MAC's dyno after tuning just to have an apples to apples comparison. I only left correction on in the above dynos in order to compensate for differences in environments on different days. The Dyno Dynamics a few of the local tuners run allow you to enter correction, most of which use a "half" correction factor for turbo cars up here, but unfortunately, Dynojets have no such thing as user input correction, so it's either all or nothing.
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