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Just Ordered JB3 for N55...Some Questions

Just ordered it like a minute ago with the CAN stoked.

Now, what are the chances of my warranty being void with the JB3? No matter why I go to the dealership, I should always take it out? Also before I go to the dealership, is the proper procedure to check for codes, then if there are any, just delete those. Then uninstall the JB3, then check for codes again, and if there aren't any, I'm set?

Since I have little to no experience under an engine bay, I'm going to Matt@Camber-Toe to have it installed, then hopefully from him, I'll understand on how to uninstall/install the JB3 by myself.

What USB should I get to update the firmware?

Also..a big one, for the JB3, I read something about how you can only change maps when the JB3 is connected to the computer. I was kinda confused about this. I thought you only need to put the car in AUX mode, then press on the pedal to switch maps. Which way is it?

Any help is appreciated.