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Originally Posted by soulja620 View Post
Sir, do you think you could list all details and specifics?
(elevation, at/mt, temps, ect)

Not very encouraging seeing a 12.7 with your mods =\
Im pretty damn similar to you... Now at least.
But I ran a 12.6 with only jb3 and dci...
I'm hoping for low 12's with current mods & map7 ?
Details below ... it's not a car issue it's flat out traction problems ... I would still spin in 3rd ... the track prep here is always known to be poor and it really showed that night ... with decent traction I should have seen low 12s and slicks 11s ... the car felt really strong, just no grip

Model and Transmission - 335i - Step
Elevation, Temp and Humidity - Sealevel, 65 degrees, not sure about humidity
All performance modifications done to the car - Stock
Any weight reduction done to the car? - None
Type of tires and rims? - Stock 18 Runflats

Not Stock...