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Hey all

I've started putting more time into detailing cars recently, just have too much fun with it not to do it more.

I was working on my car yesterday afternoon. the front end of the car was resprayed 2 summers ago when I hit a damned deer. Since then the orange peel left by body shop has been a thorn in my side.


I finally decided to wetsand the peel out and polish.

Anyone living in the Maryland area feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any interest in detailing services from maintenance washes to full paint correction

wish I had brought my good camera for this, but the EVO4g actually does pretty good.


A reflection on my hood when I started, you can see it simply not a crisp, clear reflection. damned orange peel

Test section after wetsanding. Wiped clean and dried to see what the sanding has done.

Orange peel still evident on the outside of my sanding area.

Fully sanded down, smooth, no peel

Buffed the 2000 grit sanding marks out w M105, 2 passes and got this

much much better!!! I was so excited to see this result

side by side

Now the real work begins. Entire hood and front fenders need the same treatment

Sanded down, did some more touch up sanding after this photo

1/4 polished w M105

me hard at work, what a workout. I need an orbital. Flex will be on order soon I think.

Hood polished out w M105

Fender sanded

Fender polished

Then repolished w a finer polish to really bring out the depth and clarity

followed up w 2 coats of JetSeal applied w black pad.

gave 20 minutes for each coat to cure, spent that time detailing the interior.

Test pot of Dodo Juice, love this stuff. So easy to apply and remove, depth is incredible and beading it fantastic.


Now thats some clarity baby!! (actually a bit out of focus, thanks phone)

outside in the evening light, so good. Washed the rest of the car. Will polish to get rid of RIDS after 2 years of washing since last polish then give it the seal/wax.


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