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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
Map 1 with high elevation, shit gas and not even an intake?

i'm not surprised the car hated itself HAHA !!!

would a fmic help?
Look closer... the car isn't very happy stock at this elevation, but yes it didn't take too well to map 1. Made decent power obviously, but I didn't care for the look of the logs.

However, you're missing the point... I'm willing to bet by tuning the car myself I can make more power than map 1 (and considerably more than map 5/autotuning) when Cobb releases '07 support and ATR software, without the drastic drops in timing by running the car a bit richer and making a solid timing map. OTS maps often leave a lot to be desired, especially when they don't take timing into consideration.

Other than tuning the car, I'm not planning on modding this car. On my STI I went a little overboard... ran that car in SCCA AS (before they got bumped down to BS recently), STU and eventually BSP, as well as on local road courses (High Plains raceway & PMP), canyon runs ect. Before I knew it that car had full bolt-ons running E85 daily (talk about a PITA, the gas light coming on around ~180-200 miles per tank and driving out of my way to get to E85 pumps)... and of course, the car ended up with full coilovers, camber plates up front/Group N's in the rear, sway bars, ALK (+free caster mod, picked up almost a full 1* of positive caster from those two things!), wide sticky summer rubber, the prerequisite upgrades brake lines/pads/fluid ect, and a lifetime alignment agreement with the local Firestone- I came to know their manager pretty well, as I came in for alignments on a regular basis (had them dial in lots of negative camber up front prior to any track events).

It was fun, but I went overboard with a car that was essentially my daily driver, that car was tough to live with as a daily, and I was always paranoid about any new noise the car developed haha. I'm not looking to mod the 335, as it's my daily, so I'm just going to tune it to pick up a few ponies and make sure it's running kosher. If I get the mod bug, I've already decided I'm just going to pick up an older car I can beat the hell out of and not care about haha. An older Miata or another MR2 is on the top of my list right now, even though the Miata would ultimately be cheaper to mod and replace parts on. I won't lie, the idea of a 5.0 V8 swap in a Miata has always been appealing to me.... Maybe I'll pick one up this year

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