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Originally Posted by toxicnerve View Post
I think your 335 has hydraulic steering (which imo is much better than the servotronic/electric one). Does it feel unnaturally heavy?

When I first got my car it felt quite heavy to me but I got used to it pretty quickly and now prefer it over any other cars. Once you get used to it the weighting is "just right".

The feel should be good, I find the feedback to be quite informative, you can "feel" the road nicely. When cornering, after initial turn-in you should feel the wheel load-up (particularly when you start to apply the power).

The heaviness is more noticeable at low speeds but at higher speeds the extra weight allows you to be much more precise with your inputs.
To be honest I like it being little heavy, as you said it gives a better feeling but wasn't sure if its normal hence my concern.