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Originally Posted by tommydogsdad View Post
The "jeans" theory is complete BS. I have only been dressed in jeans the 4 times I had to go down there, and got the best customer service-ever. I have had 11 brand new cars in my lifetime, and SCBMW has been the Number One Dealer in terms of customer service. Loren McRoberts,, has been my CA. Excellent guy. Honest, hardworking, professional.

I am tired of hearing this "well I was dressed down" complaint. It's BS. They ARE NOT SNOBS. Have you seen the people who work there? Totally normal folk. Their uniform is jeans or khaki's.

Perhaps they WERE busy! YOU DID GO ON A BUSY DAY!!!! What time did you go? You should have called Dave Parker to schedule something. It is the NUMBER ONE VOLUME dealer in Northern Cali for God's sake!!! Make an appointment! You just shouldn't "walk in" and expect to be treated like Royalty. That's just an elitist entitlement attitude.

I went there at about 5:40. Trust me they werent busy at all. There were about 4 or 5 CAs standing around.

The whole point of my post wasnt really to diss them. That's why I wasnt sure if I should post it. I was just wondering why he didnt help me. I mean it's a Nav disc. It takes about 2 minutes to test it.

Also, I did not expect them to treat me royally. I would have bought a Lexus if I wanted that treatment. Like I said Dave wasnt there today and Im not free during weekdays. THat's why I showed up. I figured it's just a Nav disc and if there are CAs standing around they would help me out.