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Originally Posted by Sloppy View Post
Wow Frankie, this makes my choice to just go with only the Vishnu downpipe a great one. If there's non real gain after the downpipes, then why bother unless you like the sound. I'm in love with the vishnu sound and stock exhaust though so that would be great for me at least. I'm guessing that i'll skip the full exhaust "upgrade" and stick to the dp, intake, fmic, and last but not least Procede.

- Side note... this was the same Dyno right? Just a little difference in temp and humidity but i can't imagine it would affect the hp that much.
it seems to be like that Sloppy.
my first priority for performance mods are gains.

Let's get other guys to chime in and we'll
have a talk bout route in power mods for the n55.

side note - yes same dyno place MD Automotive
also was on 19's, base dyno was on 18's. all 91oct gas.

Originally Posted by IancoleTX View Post
That can't be right. A ~50whp loss at 6500 rpm from installing an exhaust?

That makes no sense.

Also, did you just bolt up an n54 exhaust, or..? Just wanted to confirm there was direct fitment.
not 50whp loss. look at dyno again. increaments in quarters - it's more like 12-15whp loss up top.

Originally Posted by Sloppy View Post
yeah, what is going on at that top end?
looks like a drop in power.
i was try'n to figure out if it was the updated software from BMW/dealership.
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