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Originally Posted by EliteAutoImport View Post
The car looks like it is great shape. If you could negotiate them to $27K you would be in good shape. If I were a betting man, I would bet that you will not be able to pick this up for $27K, and furthermore, the dealer will have other charges/fees that need to be included as part of the deal.

That being said you would be responsible for when importing it: (assuming complete parity)

6.1% Duty $1647
Excise Tax $100

$28,747 + HST
+RIV Fee of $195

If you try the "show license" trick to the dealer, they will most likely call your bluff when the search the VIN. Also, I would consider keeping your plans to yourself as this is a public forum.

On the note about the warranty, I would try to confirm the warranty status with them. No CPO or Extended Warranty will survive the export to Canada. You could buy an extended warranty here, but it would have to be 3rd party as BMW does not offer BMW extended coverage in Canada for this year of vehicle to my knowledge.

If there were some 328xi Coupes in the CDN Auction Pipeline, I could take a stab at getting you what you are looking for, but right now there are only 2011, 2010, and 2008 328xi sedans that would be worth looking at.

Good point on the VIN! That was just a stupid idea on my part....I'd rather drive down to Buffalo than to humor these wankers with their power grab up here. Think about this -- a German company which sells cars to Canadian dealerships at a higher price than it does to US dealerships is now imposing a protectionist regime to dissuade buyers from buying in the US.

The car is $27k. The only problem is that it had an axle shaft replacement for some reason. They took off the CPO because it's no good in Canada and nor in the US once exported out of there.