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First Post, great forum. I am in a similar position to most of you, i first had a rear wheel crack on the 19" rear back in december 2010. My car is an 07 335i that was out of full warranty but an extended warranty was taken out. BMW agreed to replace this for 98 to me. When it went in for this, they noticed the other rear had cracked and said that it would be after XMAS before they could replace it, again at a cost of 98 to me. I waited and waited for a response and they finally took my car in for replacement of the wheel on 14th Feb, upon dropping it off they said that BMW did not have any, and that i could not drive the car. They arranged a 320D rental car for me, i am still in it now. Dealership no longer returning my calls and i have no idea when i will get my car back. My question is why did they let me drive the car for the period between Dec and Feb with a dangerous cracked alloy that now cannot be driven? i wonder whether i Should also push for a refund on the charges as others seem to be having some success with FOC replacements. Still, may be i can claim that my company car has not been availble to me, so possibly claim some car tax back?