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Originally Posted by Neversaydie View Post
Sweet Jeezus. It looks gash. Look at the lights and tell me honestly that badly cut bits of red tape/film is better?

* Surely if people are that hollow about NOT having an LCI a trip to your local BMW garage and a wedge of cash will sort that out.

1) It's not about wanting an LCI or not wanting an LCI, it's about making a small, inexpensive mod that the owner thinks looks good.
2) if you don't like it fair enough, but calling another owners work 'gash' is downright rude. A simple, polite, 'it's not for me' or ' I prefer the original' would work just as well.
3) I can assure you that if I had a 'wedge of cash' it wouldn't be going on a 3er BMW, LCI or not....