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Originally Posted by vladinecko View Post
i very much doubt that. i would love nothing more than to play the game this year but given blizzard's history, my humble guess is june 2012.

at last year's blizzcon just a few months back, multiple sources at blizzard said you can play the game from start to finish but most acts still have only placeholders for many areas and big bosses. that is not a good sign as it hints that the lengthy part of the development, level design, is still in its infant stages.

also, based on what's been released about character classes, they have quite a bit of balancing to do. the problem being, as soon as you introduce a cool spell for a new character, like the demon hunter, you have to revisit the remaining 4 characters give them something just as cool.
I guess time will tell who is right, however I have recent news (not rumor) on my side. The development of the game is mostly done according to Blizzard.

Which means right now they are play testing and tweaking. I also have an insider friend that works for Blizzard Austin that says they are working on the pvp system. Lastly, to include a bit of speculation the leaked internal Blizzard calender shows D3 in a Q4 2011 release spot, and so far with the other things that Blizzard has rolled out in recent history that leaked timetable seems to be accurate.