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Originally Posted by AmericanInToronto View Post
I have to correct myself and admit you're right.

All the 328xis that i was looking for 2008 or 2009 with cold weather+premium pkgs + either nav or Logic7 in the 30,000 miles range were around $25-27,000.

Add on 3000-5000 duty + 2800 for extended warranty because CPO status is lost, you're back to Canada prices.

The only compromise: you'll get a 2007 in Canada for US 2008 price and a 2008 for a US 2009 price. But one can negotiate and get a free extension on a CPO warranty here.
I just wanted to clarify something before the flames start by those who have imported or are still planning.

Like I have mentioned, from my perspective the wholesale prices on cars such as the 3 ad 5 series have come to the point where i don't bother looking in the US unless there is an availability issue. Just take a look in the Auto Trader and you will find many retailers partying like it is 1999. 42K for an 08 335? Then you will find others that have come to grips with the new post parity reality and making $5 to $7K on a 3 series is not possible.

I am not going to name names, but if I take a drive down to a local premium dealer where I live, I will find the same cars there on the lot that have been there for well over 6 months. The prices are out of wack, and I can't for the life of me figure out why they have not come to grips with the new reality.

That being said, these dealerships with their heads in the clouds, provide me with the opportunity to provide exceptional value in what I do.

Now, back to the CDN vs US pricing and the possible flames. If you are looking to buy let's say an M3 or M6, you will find a much better deal in the US vs Canada. The reason for this is that in the last 12 months, only a handful of these went through Canadian auctions. Why? Because they are scarce and most likely the dealer can still party like 1999 on the pricing because guys like me can't get access to the cars as they generally will not hit the auction.

I don't blame the dealers for trying to make as much as they can. They have huge overhead with showrooms and sales people to feed. I don't.