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First post for me also - great forum...Had to post to let you know my story regarding cracked 19" alloys. I'm in a 325 Msport cabrio (08) and the car went in for its first MOT last week at local garage, failed due to 4 cracks in offside rear alloy and noted as dangerous. Took it straight to Scotthall Watford (who have been pretty good to be fair) and as soon as I mentioned it they said it had been a common issue with these wheels, they did an instant diagnosis and said its a faulty wheel issue and will be replaced under warranty. He then told me that there are 1700 wheels currenlty on back order and they are coming in batches of 500 every 3 weeks so it is possible they won't have my wheel for up to 10 weeks! they have given me an Avis rental FOC (a dreadful Peugeot). I Have been calling them daily for update and I have now raised my concern about the 3 other wheels (the fact that I'm really not happy driving knowing 3 of my wheels could be faulty). I told them I'd be happy to make a 50% contribution towards a different new set of wheels which to me seems like a win /win considering they could have to keep me in a rental car for 10 weeks (3500 at 50 a day) plus pay for a replacement wheel and possibly 3 more in the future. Will let you know what they say!...