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Other IDive + Ipod intergration solutions?

Are there any other ipod integration solutions, OTHER than the dealer installed option. I ordered my car in feburary ,and it is on the Otello on its way over to NY. I got the car fully loaded, but I had no idea of the difference between the factory installed option and the dealer installed option. I know its to late to get the factory installed option, and I was just wondering if there are any other 3rd party solutions that fully intergrate the ipod into the (iDrive) nav. Like giving you the ability to view and select your play list in the nav screen. I did a little bit of searching and I still have a couple questions that are not answered. So i'll list them here.

1. With the dealer installed option, Are playlists and song titles listed in the nav screen? I have all my songs sorted into playlists (1500 + songs) When I hook it up to the car, will the playlist I created be shown along with song titles, or will it list Cd1 cd2 .. for each playlist?

2. Also are there any other solutions that fully integrate the ipod into the nav and car the way the factory installed option does?