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Originally Posted by Bullet View Post
I don't understand all the hating recently on LUX. If you don't like it return it. I've had my set for a few months now, and admittedly I thought they looked a bit dim and not worth it but yesterday I let my friend drive my car and DAMN THEY LOOK AMAZING!! so basically no point in hating on a quality product...
Originally Posted by Kevin@AKMotorwerk View Post
if there is that much of a difference between the inner and outer ring, either the bulb isnt seated properly, or you're just standing at a weird angle.

you can only do so much with whats already there as far as the light path that bmw designed, and lux did a pretty good job at making it work and make a good impovement over stock
This is called a REVIEW. I'm not hating, I'm pointing out PROS and CONS like it clearly shows in my original post. Am I happy with my purchase? Yes. Is there distortion of the bulbs at most angles? Yes. Is that LUX's fault? No. Is LUX the best plug and play bulb? Yes.

Just because I like the product doesn't mean I have to be a fan boy and only point out the positive aspects of a product. I love my 335i, but if someone asks me for a review on it, I'm not going to leave out the parts about how they eat HPFPs and how the oil cooling sucks. Just because other cars have oil cooling problems and other cars have fuel pump problems doesn't mean I'm not going to bring it up.

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