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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
Depending on what tools you have on hand. If you have one of those higher end hydraulic spring compressors? Sure. If you have one of those Harbor Freight specials? It'll take a lot more than 5 minutes.

And I have a feeling the guys with the fancy hydraulic spring compressors will probably charge more for his/her time.
Not trying to come off offensive in any way...but have you actually done this?

I borrowed a spring compressor from my local auto parts store. It was the cheap $40 kind that uses two bars with hooks to compress the spring. Takes five minutes (or less) to compress the spring, loosen the nut(s) at the top of the hat, remove the hat, and then decompress the spring. I did not need to use the compressor to transfer the hats since the aftermarket springs were already shorter than the stock springs. Just had to push down with a little force. If a shop is going to charge you $300 more for this (your $ range was $200-$500 based on complexity), then that is a complete joke.