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Again a similar problem to everyone else!! I have a 320i convertible (58) plate purchased as a used car on the (29th of January 2011!!) However it was purchased from a private garage and not BMW. After 3 days the run flat tyre light came on. I took the car into a tyre shop only to be told that the tyre had a puncture and would need to be replaced!! I explained that I only had the car for a couple of days, the chap removed the wheel and looked for the cracks!! He seemed to know all about these cracks and had seen 5-6 BMWS with this problem in the last 6 months!! He advised to call my local dealership (vines ) and tell them I have a problem with alloy... Vines told me that I would have to pay £450 + VAT for a new alloy...!! They would complete a ‘run out test’ on the wheel and if it proved to be faulty they would refund my £450. I had already looked on the internet and had seen the amount of people that have had this problem so I refused to pay any money. Vines then confirmed that the alloy will be replaced FOC (I was a bit worried they would not pay as I had not bought the car from a BMW garage) I have now been waiting 6 weeks and I still do not have a definite date when the car will be back on the road... After numerous e-mails to head office they have agreed to pay compensation once I have my car back on the road. I too have had hire cars from Avis (VW POLO and now a Vauxhall Astra) Hardly a comparable car to a BMW convertible!! After calling head office again today (hounding them seems the only way) I have been told the alloys are due to be sent to Germany on the 19/23/29th of March so looks like I will back on the road in April (It takes 5 days for the wheels to get to the UK from Germany apparently) So it will have taken BMW 10 weeks for 1 alloy wheel!! UNBELIVEABLE!!