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Originally Posted by boymonkey View Post
Cool, thanks guys.
Since the consensus is to get a PC, anyone here running OS X on PC?

The reason is that I can justify spending $3000 on a mac because I can use it for work, but I can't spend that much on a gaming PC if I can't work in OS X on it as well.
well for 3grand you could just buy a quad core mac pro with the ATI 5xxx series cards and just run windows off of that


you could save about half the money you'd be spending on a mac pro from apple and put together your own mac pro, the only real problem you could have would be compatibility issues with the components you choose on osx (drivers)

luckily there are many people who have gone this route. search 'hackintosh' on google, you'll find a lot of info about the process and guides on how to put it together, all you have to do is set aside some free time to do some research

i had a good day today so i figured i'd get you started if you want learn more about it....

pretty good guide on how to do it:

i'd stick with the parts list on this guide...

if you dont feel like spending that much:

good sites for more info:

something you might need to know how to do, if you dont already:

keep in mind some of this stuff was written a few months ago so you may want to find more recent articles

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