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Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6 View Post
Looks great! I definitely need to drop my xi

So you confirmed that the 328i springs work correctly on an ix? Because Eibach does not list a spring for ix app & usually the ix requires a different P/N spring with other manufactures...

Only thing is I will also replace the shocks with springs. Wonder how long (if ever) it takes for your stock shocks with 32k miles on em' to crap out after trying to control shorter springs that they were not made for.

I guess I don't understand why lowering amount would be any different between different size wheel/tire combo? You're lowering the car over the wheels, plus if you changed up in size correctly, the new bigger dia. wheel/tire combo should be very close to the same dia. as the stockers (especially since it is an xi) only difference you have less tire sidewall showing now...
Yes, I can confirm that (so far) the springs are working fine, and the ride is not too harsh. There are several other forum members that have been running this setup way longer than I, and I spent (literally) 4 or 5 months searching for forum posts from anyone running the Eibachs on an xi, and found nothing indicating people were having major problems. Other than the possibility of the stock shocks dying eventually, I'm not too worried about it. I diy'd the spring install with a friend, so my plan is to just wait and see if my shocks die, and then install the bilsteins as well.

And I agree with your comment about the ride height being the same regardless of wheel size. On paper, it really doesn't make sense that the ride height/wheel gap would appear that different based on the wheel size, however I can tell you first hand, when I was running my stock 16s, no one (even my mechanic friend that helped me install the springs) could really tell the height was different. Although the drop in front is definitely noticeable if you know what you're looking for. My theory is that, since the 16s have such a non-aggressive offset, they didn't come anywhere close to sitting flush with the fenders. so in normal lighting, there are just tons of shadows being cast all over the wheels. Add that to the much larger sidewalls, and it all just blends in with the wheel gap. Probably more of an optical illusion than anything. I created a thread prior to the install, which then turned into a post-install write-up here: You can see I did some measurements, as well as included a pic of the drop with the stock wheels. The measurements show that the drop is there, but in the wide shot of the car, it's kinda tough to tell. Anyway, I'll keep posting if I run into any issues or get any better pics.