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Prestige Auto Guam SUCKS

it all started out nice, dealer was bending over backwards for me. helping out on specs and other things i was asking for. once we got the model, options, and colors, we started to talk about money. i was doing a military sells and it was all looking good. one night i got on BMWUSA and found out that i get the leather, wheels, and ipod connector for free? showed this to him and he was dumbfounded. right there was the start of the end. so i saved my self a few thousands right there. then once i got him the down payment on the car. he just kinda stoped calling me and giving me updates on what was going on (which he said he would). then once i got the full payment to them, 2 days after the money was gone, my sells men sent me a email with all the number and contacts i would need to talk to. never got any calls or emails from him again. i got delayed on leaving the island and had to have the car held up in port, they almost charged me a fee for that. over all i have had to do almost all the paper work. talking to the headquarters about pick up, the pick up dealership on paper work that guam was spose to send over. all the guam dealer ship did was take my money and send it to the main office. now i need to get a paper of "bill of sell" so the pick up dealer can release the car to me when i get there and i asked them to fax it to the the pick up dealership. ( this is after 3 days of calling none stop to just get voice mail/with a customer/ sorry we dont do that) he said he will see what he can do. shortly after me getting off the phone with him i got a email with the info i needed. over all they are the crappiest dealership i have ever delt with. you have better service with a used KIA dealership.