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COM 1 is occupied by cable driver. Nee help

I am trying to install INPA to diagnose my car, 2001 E39, and I followed up the instructions to install the cable driver. Everything looked fine. I can use INPA with cable to talk with my car, except control module such as Key remote control unit. As I link it to this module, it shows IFH-0009 error. I checked INPA_FAQ, it seems this is because of key ignition is not on, actually it was on.

So, I googled for this solution, there is one solution to fool the INPA detection. So, I followed up the solution to download M Prog 3.5 to reprogram FT232RL EEPROM. The setting I changed in M Prog are
1. Set all I/O like the following
2. Invert RI # and DSR #
3. Save it the default
4. Process the EEPROM.

After this I have a big trouble. When I plug the cable in, it showed new device is found and then installed the driver again. After the installation, the com port assigned for this cable is changed 4, originally it was 1. I am trying to change this Com port to 1, however, the com port 1 option shows “in use”. I think the Com 1 is using by the original USB driver. Do you have any idea how to remove the driver in Com 1? What I am trying to do it to free Com 1 and make it available since INPA use Com 1.

P.S: The solution to fool the INPA detection is for VGA with FT232RL chip and my cable is K+D CAN cable which uses FTDI chip, not sure the chip model.