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Originally Posted by BMWorNOTHING View Post
I know, don't worry no offense taken, my reply was aimed mostly towards the other guy. Also, they are definitely twisted and seated in there properly, but thanks for the advice.
I thought mine were seated properly at first, too. However, in an effort to try to better balance the inner and outer ring light output, I removed the bulbs and started over. Guess what? I didn't have them seated properly the first time and had the same result as you - much brighter inner rings. After re-installing the bulbs and really paying attention this time, my inner and outer rings are very close to the same brightness - much, much better than before. In fact, they are now almost the same brightness.

My guess is that you only think you have the bulbs seated properly. Try doing them again and really pay close attention to how they go in. The three little locking lugs are not the same - one is different from the other two and this allows the bulbs to only go in one way. I know it's a pain to take everything back apart and re-install the bulbs, but if you do it right you will be much happier with your purchase. I know I am!