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2008 Sedan JB4/Meth Vbox Test Results

Have recently done a lot of testing, including dozens and dozens of 0-130pulls. I believe these kind of results may be more real world/beneficial than one gear pulls on a dyno. Besides, someone would have do be doing dozens of dyno runs a week, which might be kind of impractical/expensive, LOL.

2008 335i Steptronic Sedan
JB4, and Basic CM meth kit with CM5 Nozzle
Otherwise all stock, full weight, stock RFTs.
91 Octane Shell, 49F ambient
1yr old meth at a 75% mixture ratio.

Tested 4 runs on map#2, with the very first without meth. Then 3 more meth runs on map #7. Pretty cool logging with the JB4 and seeing the timing drops on 91 octane, and peak timing barely reaching 10 degrees, compared with 15 degrees with meth, and IATs dropping from a peak of about 120F to about 80F. Also interesting is how the DME searches for more and more timing. Each of the runs (even though consecutive and within minutes of each other) were always as fast or faster than the preceding run. Interesting how the last run on map #2 was within 1mph of the last run on map #7. (seemed like #7 showed less timing, even though I didn't see any major knock events). This also shows the DME adaptation at work, and why it might be difficult at times to fight it with CPS offset control (in which the DME might try and compensate for it anyways?)

Haven't really been paying attention, but what is ideal regular peak timing degrees? I mean, does it get much higher than 15 degrees? (ie, if I were running racing fuel?, or higher meth concentrations?)

Map 2 (just 91 octane, no meth).
13.0 at 112.9 mph 2.2 60',
0-60: 4.6sec, 0-100: 10.4sec, 60-130:13.1 sec

Map 2 (first time switching on meth)
12.8 at 113.6mph, 2.1 60'
0-60: 4.4sec, 0-100: 10.2sec, 60-130:12.7 sec

Map 2 (2nd run with meth on)
12.9 at 114.0mph, 2.2 60'
0-60: 4.5sec, 0-100: 10.2sec, 60-130:12.4 sec

Map 2 (3rd run with meth on)
12.6 at 115.5mph 2.1 60'
0-60: 4.2sec, 0-100: 9.7 sec, 60-130:12.1 sec

Map 7 (with meth)
12.8 at 115.8mph 2.2 60'
0-60: 4.6sec, 0-100:10.0 sec, 60-130:11.8 sec

Map 7 (same as above)
12.6 at 116.5mph 2.1 60'
0-60: 4.2sec, 0-100:9.6 sec, 60-130:11.7 sec

Map 7 (same as above)
12.5 at 116.8mph 2.1 60'
0-60:4.1 sec, 0-100:9.5 sec, 60-130:11.7 sec

Note: Yes I did have to fight wheel spin, but The RFTs really aren't that bad. Can't complain about 4.1 sec 0-60, with 34PSI, cold temps, and no warm up burnout.

All tests were easy 2nd gear launches.

The following are the logs showing timing, IAT, RPM, Boost.

First log: Run one, 91 octane, no meth (112.9 mph)
Second log: Last run on map #2 with meth (115.5mph)
Last log: Last run on map #7 with meth (116.8 mph).

The logs show the beginning of 3rd through the end of 4th. So basically 60-120 range in these screen shots.

I'm quite convinced if it weren't the seventh consecutive 0-130 run in minutes, the last run would surely be in the 117-118mph range.

In summary, I will reiterate, tune/meth/nitrous are your biggest bangs for the buck. 112.9 to 115.5 mph on the same map, just by switching on the meth (with no advantage of the cooler engine temps that the first 112.9 mph run had) So more than likely a full 3mph advantage on the same map. (about 30hp). And of course the ability to run even higher maps with meth too.

The seven 0-130 pulls used up about 3/8-1/2 of my basic meth kit tank (Cooling Mist). I can't imagine how fast I would drain the tank with 2 CM10 nozzles!

This same car ran 12.1 at 118mph with just 100 octane and no meth on the JB3 map #9 (higher boost I assume) on DRs. Remember this car has stock exhaust/intercooler/mufflers/downpipes, etc.

Next test will be with my 17" DR setup :=) I would assume it will hit 118mph also, curious about the ET. But I believe map #9 on 2.0 may have been higher boost than the map #7 of JB4?

Mr. 5, just goes to show your 9.6 sec 60-130 time is flying..compared to my 11.7 in these tests. These runs were on level surface, with shifting optimized for qtr mile, not 60-130. I will see what I can do to get this car in the 9's. Like I said, at 9 second 60-130 time on flat land usually is done in a car that easily runs 120's in the qtr mile. Hope to see some other members post some 60-130 times, this really shows how strong a car is running in real life situations. For reference, a good time for a bolt on M3 is around 10.7 seconds in the 60-130 dash.

Well, hope this is useful information for some of you. More tests to come!
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