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Interesting results when testing with the CM10 vs CM5. For some reason, it didn't seem like the ignition timing changed much. Either did the trap speeds at first. But it did end up getting up in the 120mph range. Perhaps it adapted some.

Test results with meth M10 nozzle installed (replacing previous M5 nozzle)

12.1 at 119.8mph 2.0 60' 0-60:3.8 sec, 0-100: 8.7 sec, 60-130: 10.6 sec
12.1 at 119.9mph 2.0 60' 0-60:3.8 sec, 0-100: 8.7 sec, 60-130: 10.5 sec
12.0 at 120.8mph 2.0 60' 0-60:3.7 sec, 0-100: 8.6 sec, 60-130: 10.3 sec
12.0 at 120.3mph 2.0 60' 0-60:3.6 sec, 0-100: 8.6 sec, 60-130: 10.4 sec

So I decided to visit Famoso Raceway on Sunday to verify my results.
Famoso is the heartbreaker track. There are very few, if any 335i BMWs that have actually hit 11's there. Its that bad!
As usual, it runs 1mph slower than the Vbox readout, compared to 2.5mph faster at Sacramento. So the net difference between those running the record setting runs at Sacramento compared to the Famoso track timers is a whopping 3.5mph. And that doesn't even take into consideration the superior DA at Sacramento. How much did the DA directly effect my Vbox results? My above listed 120mph Vbox test results were in superior Sacramento type DA conditions. So the question is what happens when you take the same setup, (+removing the R/F seat, and running 100octane fuel vs 91 octane). The difference is staggering.

11.90 at 118.30mph 60' 1.80 sec, 0-60 3.6 sec, 0-100: 8.7 sec (over 2mph slower than the night before, even with more mods)
Time slip:
11.92 at 117.31mph 60' 1.80 sec

So with the 1000FT + DA, I lost over 2mph compared to the night before at sea level, cooler temps. And thats even after running at the track with the RF seat out and the 100 octane fuel. So this most likely would be a 5.5 mph faster trap speed a Sacramento ealier last year. Supposedly the Sac timers have been fixed now. We need someone to get some Vbox reading up there now. I have plenty of Vbox/Timeslip Comparisons from there back then. Or I would like to see someone try and run close to a 125mph trap there now.

To be fair, the 100 octane fuel with the meth provides marginal improvement at best. Usually only .20mph to .50mph. Also didn't see much change on the ignition curve with the improvement in octane. But still, I probably would have run close to 122mph the other night at sea level had I removed the seat then and put in 100 octane. I also made the trip on, and ran the NT05Rs. The test done right before at sea level was on the NT555Rs, which are actually a little bit lighter tires.

But the point is, the VBox kept me in touch with what was going on. Sure I ran slower on the track time slip, but then the Vbox read much slower at the track too (compared to sea level). So I know exactly what my car is capable of even though Famoso doesn't show it. The fact is the Vbox reads 1mph fast a Famoso, but the car DOES run a couple mph faster in better DA also.

So I next switched to map #6. The graphs don't show much boost increase at all. I believe Terry said without a 15ohm board, my boost is kind of limited to the 16-17psi range. So turns out with the moderate boost levels I am using, my results are pretty damn good either way..

There was a GIAC, VF supercharged 911 Carrera there. We ran several times. He was low 12's, I was high 11's.

My run was as follows:

11.80 sec 120.30 mph, 1.80 60', 0-60: 3.5 sec, 0-100, 8.4 sec
Time slip:
11.81 sec 119.28mph, 1.82 60'

The Porsche guy ran 12.375 at 114.19. He said he dynoed at 450rwhp, over 500 at the crank. His car #4819 listed on the left of the timeslip. Said he easily beats LS3 Vettes, etc, and normally can trap around 117-118mph. There was a newer Mustang GT, trapping 113mph WITH a 100 nitrous shot. Low 12s. Without nitrous he ran 103mph.

So 11.81 at 119.28 mph. Not bad considering I know the car will run a couple mph in better DA, and if it were at Sacramento early last year, you would have to add another 3.5 mph to arrive at their mph. So conceivably a 5-6mph difference.

The Vbox is pretty damn accurate. Before I even got to the time slip booth, I already knew what my ET and MPH would be. ET was right on, mph was 1mph slower on the time slip. At Sacramento I also knew what my time slip would be. Same ET, but instead of taking away 1mph, you would add 2.5mph.

Some interesting points of interest:

1000+ft DA, no tail wind.
7 out of my 9 runs were all in the 11's.
All 11 second runs were done with 2nd gear launches!
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2011 Alpine 335d M-Sport 12.34 @ 110.48mph
2017 i3 Terra
2008 Black 335i Sedan. 11.11@ 129.47 mph
2008 Monaco Blue JB3 2.0 335i Coupe. 11.33 @ 132.77 mph (N54 stock turbo trap speed WR)
60-130mph: 6.95 seconds stock turbo WR (.16% slope)

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