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Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6 View Post
OK, I get the deal with the Koni's. So since I won't run factory shocks with lowering springs, my only option is the bilsteins.

Still doesn't answer my question #1 as to what Eibach springs xi drivers are using?

I realize the rears are the same between i & xi but fronts are different.

So Ollie, did you just buy the i Pro Kit for your 335 since they don't list a xi kit?

The sticky is very general regarding the Eibach springs - it states Pro Kit - OK, that's great-what P/N? They don't make one for xi - so I'm looking for what xi owners went with & their impressions/experience as to how they worked...

Guess I'm leaning toward the Eibachs because the amount of lowering is not as great as the H&R's & seems peole state the ride is 'gentler' on crappy roads - but I hesitate to buy any part that is not made specifically for my application without hearing actual results.
Many people are using the Eibach Pro-Kit for 335i (not xi) without any problems. The part number is 2092.140

This guy recently installed it with no problems:

Other people:

I will also be installing Eibachs on tuesday. I'll post a review and some pictures of the drop after it settles

And yes, they will be gentler than H&R sports because they have lower spring rates