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haha thanks guys.

I'm Extremely happy with the CX-R's! Once the wheels were on the car my mouth just dropped

The wheels have 3 different look to them all depending on lighting. Bright sunlight you don't notice the "ninja star" effect as much and appears to look like any other csl style wheel. Look at them from an angle or when its getting dark out you see the twist a whole lot more. At night you get the machine finish reflecting off the wheel giving it full brushed look. Even my wife likes them lol

Right now i'm running 235 35 19 tires up front with a 12mm spacer. The front looks pretty much maxed out before i start to rub. The rears i'm running 275 30 19 tires and with the offset being ET32 i'm rubbing alittle with people in the back or dips. My fenders are rolled but I need to mess with the fender liner some more. The fitment looks amazing in person because it fills up the wheel wells to the max on my LCI Msport.

Proper pics after i get my CSL trunk installed next week. Cant wait!