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Thanks guys.

Here is the Vbox reading on the 11.81/119.28 run
Vbox read 11.8 at 120.3

So every run at Famoso was 1mph less than the Vbox reading
Every run at Sacramento was over 2.5mph faster than the Vbox reading.
My runs down at sea level were a good 2mph faster than the 1000+ DA at Famoso.

So a net difference of approx 5mph! Between the 2 tracks.
So 119.28 is a good mph, and may be the fastest trap at Famoso recorded by a 335i.

Also, by looking at dragtimes, its quite peculiar that EVERY single run in the top 10 was run at Sacramento! Good DA, and faster clocks when the record runs were done. I would like to be the first 335i to hit 120 at Famoso.

I would also like to see where the Sacramento timing equipment is now as far as accuracy. Word is that they fixed it. Need someone to go out there with a Vbox. The 830 mile drive is kind of far, but I may end up going again sometime to check.
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