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Had to pay a visit to the service department to get NYS Safety inspection on new E92. South Carolina won't inspect a car that's not registered in the state.

Anyway, I am resigned to change the oil after break-in and asked how much does an oil change cost at the dealer. $130 including tax. I immediately proceeded to the parts counter and asked for oil and filter for my car, 2007 E92 328i. I knew what I was supposed to get and was glad the counterman knew also! 7qts BMW Synthetic 5w-30 & filter: total w/tax came to $54.10.

One of the valets saw me carrying the case of oil and asked why I bought it. I told him I plan on changing oil myself after break-in. He proceeded to tell me that's not necessary, the oil is good for 25,000 miles but BMW recommends 15,000, they know what's best for your car. I told him thanks, but I know what's best for my car too! Now this is the kicker....he told me that any service done on the car other than by BMW may void the warrantee. I said that's OK and wished him a good day! I wonder if he works on commission..

Some points to keep in mind when changing your oil:

1-Don't leave the key fob in the slot. I'm not 100% on this, but I heard of someone who did this and oil went all over the place when he opened the filter housing. Seems that having the key fob in the slot wakes up the car and starts all kinds of things including oil pump....again not 100% on this, but why take a chance.

2-Don't open the filter housing until you have opened the drain plug. The pressure from the oil system will push oil out the top of the filter and it will make a mess. I have always opened the oil fill cap before draining oil to release any vacuum pressure.

Please feel free to comment/correct any of the above before I change my oil. I want a process that's as painless as I can make it! :rocks:
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