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I dont know if this is the correct way of doing it, but it sure made things easier. Total install took about 3 hours.

1. Prep on top of the engine bay was to remove all the covers so we could un-hook the 02 sensors black and gray wires...

2. Here are all the covers we had to take off to get to the sensors

3. Remove strut tower bar so there is more room...

4. Took the wheel off to get a little more room for the clip around the dp/turbo

5. Clip is nicely exposed this way

6. Next we unbolted the exhaust and let it hang from the rubber grommets in the back, and unscrewed the dp from the exhaust. At this point the clip is also un-done.

7. You can see there isn't much room for the dp to slide out even with the exhaust unbolted...

8. So we ended up dropping the subframe a little bit to make room for the dp to squeeze out... Just about this much...

9. Finally got it out and now using the special tool to unscrew the O2 sensors...

10. Keeping the sensors in the same place as stock - plenty of room to reach stock locations

11. Going back in was obviously easier ...

12. Here you can also see that we took the splash shields and the stiffening plate off...

13. There she sits nice and purdy!