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Try this which can be found locally in many places --

Duplicolor Wheel Paint (silver)

I got it at Pepboys and it looks like a very close match. I was waiting on Wurth paint but was told it still wasn't going to be available until July so I decide to try this and if it was horrible I would redo later. Fortunately, it was near perfect IMO. I think Griot's garage wheel paint is very close too.

Did mine last week. I would suggest that final 4th coat of paint then wait a while and do several light coats of clear. While most would view my final product as near perfect, I can see a slight line at the edge of primer (which I hard masked). It looked fine after painting (even in bright sunlight) but I now notice the line. Either I didn't sand well enough after primer or I did clearcoat too quickly and lifted the paint a bit. Like I said, I am probably the only one that would notice though!

Hope this helps.