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Originally Posted by Nikkahtropolis View Post
what's your core routine? maybe you need to switch it up?
I don't really have a 'routine' per se. It's just really casual light stuff, nothing hardcore. I broke my humerus about 8 months ago but it's healed now so I've been trying to do what I can.

My core exercises usually consist of ab crunch machine, decline reverse crunch, flat bench lying leg raise, frog sit ups, hyperextensions

I've been doing that routine for a while and probably do need to switch it up.

Originally Posted by SuperlativE90 View Post
Trust me.
I rarely work out (Once a week at most), I eat whatever I want whenever I want, and I have a very toned body and am pretty much ripped.
Swimming is by far the best all-around exercise you can do to get into shape and to get your body fit.

Good luck
Not a bad idea. I'll have to start swimming for sure.
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