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Originally Posted by .:bHd:. View Post
My buddy in high school would get a weird sensation in his stomach when eating. He would also take creatine. That shit can't be good for you man just a protein shake will do the trick.

PS. Is doing abs 2-3 times a week actually good for you? I've always heard you're supposed to treat them like any other muscle. How about obliques?
Well I definitely take protein shakes (twice a day actually), but that's for completely different reasons. Creatine is safe. You just have to be hydrated and alert (by that I mean taking it on a poor night's sleep will just make you nauseous).

Btw having a single protein shake a day is completely random and won't make a difference if your total daily protein intake isn't that high. I just get my shakes in after workouts and as an in-between meal during the day.

You can work out abs more frequently than other muscles in the body because they're smaller. Doesn't mean you should work them out everyday (which you can), but getting in at least three times a week is what I do. Not positive on obliques. I just train them every other day.
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