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Door Actuators Need to Be Replaced and BMW Won't Cover The Repair!

About three days ago the door locks stopped working... Creating a very dangerous situation. I tried changing the fuses myself with no succes. Took it to BMW and they tried replacing the fuses as well and have told me that the door actuators need to be replaced.

Due to the fact that my warrantee expired a few weeks ago, BMW refuses to cover the cost. The car is only 4 years old with 25k miles... I would think my door locks could last that amount of time before needing to be replaced!!!

What's most infuriating is that my the BMW service tech tells me this happens OFTEN to other 3 series. This should clearly be a recall item.

I have been a BMW owner for years and planned to replace my Range Rover with a new x5, but I am now reconsidering due to BMW's lack of assistance with this significant issue.