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Originally Posted by BeemerBoyUK View Post
I think i'm pretty well placed to comment seeming as i actually live in europe and travel to the germany often..... You might see a considerably greater number of german manufactured vehicles in germany, but thats mainly due to the europeans purchasing habits.... we are much more likely to buy something of quality, that we feel will last, rather than something that we can afford that won't last as long. Professionals perticularily aspire to own german vehicles as they represent a projection of the self they want to be, they are therefore aspirational.... take away the aspiration, take away the desire to own one. I've no doubt BMW will still sell, i'm just saying that even germans would class a BMW above the likes of merc and audi, and this might just scuff their shine a bit.
I'm pretty sure BMW renting out a bunch of low end 116 and 120D's isn't going to kill the 'aspirational' value of BMW's 335-550-760 series vehicles. Theres a significant difference between BMW's low end chuck wagons and the fleet sold in the US (i.e. only the top models).