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Originally Posted by Cookiemonster View Post
These posts are bullshit.

Calories in....calories out.

We all have decent abs...they are just hid by fat. If you do any type of work out you have abs....its just you can't see them.

Can't spot reduce fat. You can do a million crunches a day...but if you dont lower your body fat it will not help.

Gotta lose the fat....which equals losing some pounds.

Cardio, ab workouts and swimming will help abs but make them no more visable.

Can't reduce fat in one section of the body...when reducing it is an all over thing.

Gotta lose weight to lose fat.

80% diet, 20% exercise. whatever your current diet is, cut several hundred calories, keep working out, and you'll lose the fat. body fat needs to be well below 10% to see definition.