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Originally Posted by gaznav View Post
I had the repair kit fitted to my Hydro Unit a year ago and it's still going strong - job took a couple of hours.

My bill said the following:

B34.51.6.797.896 646 HYDRO UNIT REPAIR KIT 144.68+VAT

Also it says earlier:

Carry out control unit survey, DSC pressure sensor fault, supply and fit DSC hydro unit repair kit 174.80+VAT
The dreaded warning lights came on and rang AA warranty / Motorway Direct (I know, I wish I had a BMW warranty also) and was told to go to a local designated garage (Halfords Autocentre!) AND non BMW parts must be used where available...ouch!
Eventually got through to the garage and was told they do not have the diagnostic equipment after all. So I rang around BMW dealers and was quoted 140 pounds by Cooper Thames Ditton and 60 by Vines Redhill! (for diagnosis) Did not feel like another tel conversation with the geniuses at the Motorway call centre so I dropped them an email telling them I intend to have the fault fixed at BMW and will pay the difference in labour rates if necessary. My question is whether anyone knows if there is a non BMW DSC hydro unit / repair kit out there? If not, it'd make my case stronger when I ask them to pay for the part. Any comments or advice dealing with AA / Motorway Direct would be appreciated.

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