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Originally Posted by Nikkahtropolis View Post
Not really. The kink is definitely the biggest design theft though. The surfacing of the cars couldn't be any more different.
Ignoring the obvious hofmeister kink, I see 3 major design queues they both share. Most notable, the major body crease along the side is nearly verbatim. Save that the Merc chose to put the door handle in a random location. The area right before the base of the A pillar, and the geometry around where the M3 side blinker is located. The window layout is also remarkable similar when the door is shut. Though I'll include this as a result of the kink being there.

The roofline in general is similar, but it is a coupe so that is definitely acceptable. Anyways, it's a good looking car. But considering at least how similar the body is to an e92 I don't really share everyone's sudden urge to shun the M3 and rush to the Merc dealership.